We are a small home based breeder located in Hermiston Oregon. Our family has been raising the highest quality English Mastiffs for over 10 years now. We try to maintain a standard of excellence in both the care and personality of our highly prized Mastiff family members and  do not have litters every year instead we try to focus on quality versus quantity. All of our Mastiffs are AKC registered and have the option of becoming CKC registered if you so choose. They come from well known Champion lines  and show lines without line-breeding. (The practice of in-breeding to ensure your a dog has certain characteristics from previous generations and can result in genetic and temperamental defects.) While we do have the ability to show our dogs and they are more than definitely 'show quality' we have instead chose to focus on the working element of our breed's personality. Nearly every one of our pets has been to work with my husband who is an agriculture mechanic, knows how to ride shot gun in a car, and has achieved their Canine Good Citizen award. When my children were in 4H they went to class with them and did excellent. Three of them are in training to be or are Service Animals certified to go into stores, and help myself   (who is visually impaired) with both stability and mobility. Our Mastiffs are more than capable of being shown and meeting breed standard something i would love to be able to do with them but unfortunately my sight that inhibits me from doing. Our Mastiff families are of course more than encouraged to show their puppies and we hope that you will. We try to make our website as user friendly as possible and hope that it will answer any questions you have, however, you are welcome to call us with any questions you have.
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